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We specialise in producing unique Mailer Kits to stimulate the senses and leave a lasting impression. From the decadence of a beautifully tempered bespoke moulded chocolate, to a product reveal that explodes with thought provoking aromas, our Mailer Kits are designed to highlight your concept in the most engaging and memorable ways. 


Our Mailer Kits are uniquely designed to be as attractive and shareable as they are delicious. We have previously delivered our kits to influencers and the media, achieving wide reaching coverage for our clients. 



Our process:

Briefing and concepts. 

If you have a brief for us, great! We’ll chew over your requirements and present our creative concepts to you accordingly.

If you have a product or message to send but haven’t quite finalised the idea, we’d love to offer our experience and knowledge in working with you to capture the essence of what you want to achieve from your promotion. 


Samples and prototypes. 

Once the concept has been finalised with you, we’ll begin our production of the element(s) for the final kit. Full details of lead times will be provided and once samples and prototypes have been approved we’ll begin full production. 



Every mailer kit will be housed and presented in a custom made packaging option. We endeavour to work as ethically as possible and will offer recyclable and eco friendly options as a priority in all cases.



You will have the option of letting us take care of individual deliveries or receiving your Mailer Kits in one bulk shipment for you to deliver with that personal touch!

Mailer Kits.

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