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Watermelon flavour launch

The Ask

To create some fun and exciting press and influencer mail outs to celebrate the launch of Malibu’s newest flavour. Scoff Studios were enlisted to create mailers that celebrated the release, appealing to the Gen-Z consumer.


How We Did It

Our approach was to utilise the brand's playful ‘funshine’ ethos, and create a surprise moment for the recipients. To achieve this, we conceptualised a full Malibu Fried Chicken feast. A food delivery that had all the hallmarks of a familiar takeaway item; a bucket of fried chicken, however the recipient would have a surprise moment when they dived in to discover it was actually fried watermelon!


The hero of the feast was our Malibu Fried Watermelon or “MFW”, which we served alongside a watermelon centred twist of 5 classic sides: beans, slaw, fries, bbq sauce and soda. With each one using a different preparation technique to champion the watermelon and celebrate Malibu’s newest flavour.

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